Copy Navigation Using PowerShell

In this blog, we have discussed the copy of the navigation menu from one site to another site using a PowerShell script in SharePoint online. There are 3 types of Navigation in SharePoint Online, Site Navigation (Local Navigation) Global Navigation Hub Site (Tenant) Navigation). Site Navigation Site Navigation is also known as the Quick Launch Navigation or Local navigation. A […]

Change List/Library to New/Modern Experiences using PowerShell

In this blog we are going to discuss about how to convert the List/Library to classic version in Communication site. We can convert it manually or programmatically using PowerShell.First we are converting the Modern list/library to classic experience of a site collection and then we will see how to covert classic list/library to modern experiences. We can do this through […]

How to enable and disable MFA using PowerShell

Introduction-In Office 365, multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security feature in which it authenticates whether the user who trying to access the exchange online is the same user who claims the account. MFA use the user’s phone number or mobile app to connect the Office 365. Providing the steps below to enable MFA.   Step1-To run Office 365 to remote […]

Save a list as template in SharePoint online using PowerShell

Introduction- In SharePoint, the list templates provide re-usability of columns without recreating it on every single site. For e.g. I have created a custom list which name is Project , in a SharePoint site collection with all relevant columns, Now I want this list structure in other site collections, without recreating the list on every single site. Steps to save […]

Add and remove operation of Role Definition (Permission Level) in SharePoint site using PnP PowerShell.

In this blog, we will see how we can add a custom permission level in SharePoint site using PnP PowerShell. Also we will see how we can get a particular permission level and remove it from SharePoint site using PnP PowerShell. Add Custom Permission Level in SharePoint site: – The following command snippet will help you to create the permission level […]

Create Classic TeamSite, Modern Team Site, Communication Sites And Retrieve All Site Collections From Tenant Using PnP PowerShell

In this blog, we are going to create classic TeamSite, modern team site and communication sites using PnP PowerShell. Also, we will see how to retrieve all site collections from the tenant and its subsites using PnP PowerShell. First, we need to connect to the Site. To perform connection add, First We Need to Connect to Site. To Perform Connection Add […]