How To Fetch Items From SharePoint List To PowerApps Gallery, Calculat

Introduction In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how Sharepoint List Records are fetched to the PowerApps Gallery Control and, in the gallery we’ll be calculating some values as per the requirement, then those calculated values will be updated again to the List. STEP 1 – Creating a List List Name: Calculation ItemName: (Single Line Text) Quantity: (Number) UnitPrice:(Number) Total:(Number) Create the List […]

How To Send Email With Multiple Image Attachments

This blog helps you to upload, preview, and send bulk attachments of pictures to Office365 Outlook using the Email composition Screen Template. I’ve described the following steps to make it easy to understand and achieve. Step 1 Create a blank Canvas App. Step 2 Add a Screen (Email Composition Screen). Step 3 Go to insert ->Media->Add Picture Control. Step 4 […]

Implementing Multi-Threading With MaxDegreeOfParallelism For Uploading

In this blog, we will see how to use Multi-Threading to upload a bunch of files in SharePoint using CSOM. From the local path, we need to upload files to our document library. Using multi-threading we are simultaneously uploading files in batches, we may face, the request time out, forbidden exceptions, etc. To avoid such issues, use MaxDegreeOfParallelism Parameter. MaxDegreeOfParallelism Parameter […]

Automatic Installation of the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Announced

Modern collaboration features that Microsoft Teams offer are used by many organizations of all sizes and shapes for fluid decision making and everyday organizational actions. To make the whole process smoother and experience rich, now Power Bi is introducing the Power Bi like experience in Teams, which will enable users to play with and discover date where they work. The […]

Export Power BI report to file API: What’s New?

Export Power BI report to file API (preview) lets you to export Power BI reports to different file formats, e.g. PDF, PPTX (PowerPoint) and PNG, by using a REST call. Since Microsoft has launched this highly required API, the company had to impose few limitations due to Premium/Embedded Gen1 capacity restrictions, and the introduction of Premium/Embedded Gen2 capacities, has enabled the company […]

Multilingual Page Publishing Feature on Modern Communication site

Multilingual Page Publishing Feature is now available in the modern communication site in SharePoint. Multilingual publishing feature and choosing the additional languages support on that communication site which is created with the default language. After enabling this feature, the user can select languages according to the requirement and can create translation copies of the site pages. Here we will see […]

5 Power Apps benefits for content managers

Power Apps from Microsoft enables to build and automate applications without using any code or very little code, to enhance business processes. Power Apps is different from traditional software development in terms of developers’ interaction and app lifecycles. Faster apps creation Power Apps enables to create apps faster. There are 3 ways to build apps in this platform. 1) Using […]

How To Send Email Using Power Apps

In this blog, we will discuss how to send an email on PowerApps. We will see how to send an Email in PowerApps on the submit button. Step 1 Create a Canvas App with any layout. Step 2 Rename the default screen name and add controls as shown in the image. Step 3 Create another success screen for showing confirmation of […]