SharePoint App Operations Using PnP PowerShell

PnP PowerShell can be used to automate the deployment, publishing, installing, upgrading and retracting apps in SharePoint online as well as SharePoint on-premises. In this blog, we will look at steps to get, add, install, deploy, update, remove and uninstall SharePoint app to Modern Site using PnP PowerShell. Adding and publishing app to the app catalog: Adding app (.sppkg file, .app […]

How to use Mutation Observer in SPFx (Application Customizer)

  The following blog will help you to add your custom action menu in SharePoint modern page. As we are not able to get the DOM element for action menu in OnInit() method of SPFx(application customizer) so here we will see how mutation observer helps to get the DOM element SharePoint modern pages custom action menus and add your own […]

Identify The Modern Pages And Copy Them To Another Site Collection

In this blog, I am going to perform two actions – Identify if a page is a modern page or not. Migrate or copy that modern page (including its content) to another site collection or site (destination location) I am going to accomplish these tasks by using CSOM (Client Object Model). After identifying the modern page, I will copy the […]