How to Add an External User to a SharePoint Site

In this blog I discuss a few steps on how to add an external user to the SPO site and how can we access a document/file by using an external user. External users are not a part of an organization, so we can’t add them to Site Permissions directly. We must follow the below steps so we can allow these […]

How to extract modern page webparts using PnP Core

Get all Client Side Webparts from a SharePoint Modern page using PNP Core / How to extract modern page webparts using PnP Core In CMOS we can get the webparts from a page using ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.WebParts.LimitedWebPartManager’ object. We can get all webparts information by using ‘LimitedWebPartManager’ except for the modern/client site pages. We can get modern page webparts by using OfficeDevPnP.Core. […]

Retrieve Sharing Links Information For A SharePoint Item Using CSOM

There is no direct method present in item object to get /retrieve the sharing links information, we can get item sharing links information by using ‘ObjectSharingInformation’ class. We can get the ‘AnonymousEditLink’, ‘AnonymousViewLink’ and ‘SharedWithUsersCollection’ details using ‘ObjectSharingInformation’. In my below example I have mentioned all the steps how to retrieve all sharing links details and Shared User details for […]

Update a SharePoint ListItem without increasing its item file version using SharePoint Client Side Model(CSOM).

Basically, when we are trying to update a SharePoint ListItem/Document then the item/file version is increased according to the list versioning. In the Server-side object model, we can update a ListItem without increasing its file version by setting ‘SystemUpdate’ as false. But in CSOM ‘SystemUpdate’ property is not supported. In this below code block, I have mentioned how we can […]

SharePoint App Operations Using PnP PowerShell

PnP PowerShell can be used to automate the deployment, publishing, installing, upgrading and retracting apps in SharePoint online as well as SharePoint on-premises. In this blog, we will look at steps to get, add, install, deploy, update, remove and uninstall SharePoint app to Modern Site using PnP PowerShell. Adding and publishing app to the app catalog: Adding app (.sppkg file, .app […]

Crud Operations on a List

This code block is related to create, delete, update and add list items to a custom list. [code lang=”c”] using System; using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client; using System.Security; namespace List_Crud_Operations { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext(“http://portal/sites/site1”); Web web = ctx.Web; var password = “Password”; SecureString secureString = new SecureString(); foreach (char c in password.ToCharArray()) secureString.AppendChar(c); […]

SharePoint 2019: Added and Depreciated Features

The strikingly easy user interface and versatile capability of SharePoint make it the most widely adopted platform by many organizations. With previous SharePoint versions fluidly working in harmony with many other technologies and helping people in the organizations to accomplish the most challenging jobs with perfection, everyone is eying for impeccability of newer version- The SharePoint 2019. With the announcement […]