Get,Add & Remove Navigation Using PnP-Powershell

Introduction :     In this blog, I have discussed how to add, retrieve, and delete the SharePoint navigation menu using PowerShell. Follow the steps to get the result. Steps : 1. Get the Navigation Node 2. Add the Navigation 3. Remove/Delete the Navigation    In this blog, added the coding of HubNavigation Menu but you can also Add, Retrieve and […]

Display UserName and GroupName of a SharePoint Site in a webpart by using react in Spfx:

At first create your solution named as “itemwebpart” by using “yo @microsoft/sharepoint” as given below: After that you have to give the information as mentioned below. What is your solution name? Listview-webpart Which baseline packages do you want to target for your component(s)? SharePoint Online only (latest) Where do you want to place the files? Use the current folder Which type of client-side […]