Get Site Collection from Web Application

In this blog, I will explain how to get all the site Collection under a SharePoint web application by the help of SharePoint Search. We can get the subsites under the site using CSOM easily but if we need to get all the site collections under a specific web application from a SharePoint farm then we can’t get it directly. […]

Update a SharePoint ListItem without increasing its item file version using SharePoint Client Side Model(CSOM).

Basically, when we are trying to update a SharePoint ListItem/Document then the item/file version is increased according to the list versioning. In the Server-side object model, we can update a ListItem without increasing its file version by setting ‘SystemUpdate’ as false. But in CSOM ‘SystemUpdate’ property is not supported. In this below code block, I have mentioned how we can […]

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) Authentication using PowerShell in SharePoint online

Now a day’s authentication is the most important factor in a cloud environment. Many of the organizations are utilizing SharePoint Online as their Content Management System, it is basic that the delicate information does not slip into false hands. Therefore, Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 becomes possibly the most important factor. Multi-factor authentication is a two-step process. In addition to […]