Migrate Files and Documents to SharePoint- Becomes Easy!

How to migrate documents to SharePoint without any hassle? We are pretty sure that every SharePoint admin has thought of this at one point or another whining thinking of moving their organization to cloud. Our offshore SharePoint developers have inscribed a blog that would explain 4 exceptional ways to move your document and files to SharePoint. In this blog, you […]

Issues in SharePoint when using a trust with Selective Authentication

If you ever have experiences with SharePoint, the concern of “Credential request” is probably not new to you, where you have to face that request 3 times before clicking the 401 Unauthorized. While trying to navigate from web-frontend server, we can see this happen a lot of times. Well… resolving this is like a walk in the park for a […]

Open a Performance Point Report in a New Window – JavaScript Solution

Same as the previous blog, we are presenting this blog as a solution to client’s request on “How to easily open a performance Point Report in a New Window?” The circumstance is actually our client has a performance Point dashboard that includes a multitude of Reporting Services reports and Performance Point Analytic Chart reports. Being just the measures of some […]

Customize Image’s Size and Shape in SharePoint 2013

  We have noticed this many times: Sites created by SharePoint content owners using images that are way too large for web consumption. Why this happens? Well… that is easy to understand. For instance: One of our clients gets a high-res format, meant-to-be-printed image from the marketing department. He uploaded that image to SharePoint by using resize tool from the […]

Customize a List Form in SharePoint Easily without using SharePoint Designer!

Ability to create a custom list form is one of the greatest features that one can take advantage of inside SharePoint 2010. Though its predecessor SharePoint 2007 allowed creating a custom list form, however, it involved navigating to SharePoint Designer then copying some files then associating new list form with the list. SharePoint 2010 facilitates InfoPath, which can be used […]

ASP.Net Validators in SharePoint

There are times when emerge the requirements of adding various client side validations on the web pages. Perquisite is there is an easy way to do this in ASP.Net by the utilizing the existing set of validator controls. When we design custom webparts in SharePoint, not to mention it takes some data as input, in that way we have to […]

How to Refine SharePoint Search Using Enterprise Keywords?

In case you had a chance to get your hands on the new version of the SharePoint then you must have noticed a lot of enhancements made to this avant-garde tool and it now has a lot of out-of-the-box search features. As one of the most defining SharePoint development solution providers, we are continuously ascertaining various ways to take advantages […]