Implementing Multi-Threading With MaxDegreeOfParallelism For Uploading

In this blog, we will see how to use Multi-Threading to upload a bunch of files in SharePoint using CSOM. From the local path, we need to upload files to our document library. Using multi-threading we are simultaneously uploading files in batches, we may face, the request time out, forbidden exceptions, etc. To avoid such issues, use MaxDegreeOfParallelism Parameter. MaxDegreeOfParallelism Parameter […]

Multilingual Page Publishing Feature on Modern Communication site

Multilingual Page Publishing Feature is now available in the modern communication site in SharePoint. Multilingual publishing feature and choosing the additional languages support on that communication site which is created with the default language. After enabling this feature, the user can select languages according to the requirement and can create translation copies of the site pages. Here we will see […]

A Summary On SharePoint Look Book

Introduction A SharePoint Look Book is a pre-designed template available for our SharePoint sites. These are downloadable templates that are hosted by Microsoft. We can see different types of downloadable templates with different designs along with some short descriptions. We can select and download the templates which have appropriate look and feel depending upon our SharePoint Online/Office 365 site requirement. […]