Create List Content Type and Its Field Using CSOM

In this article, we are going to discuss an important & mostly useful feature of SharePoint i.e., Content Type. As we all know that the content type is the set of columns that we can reuse in all lists and libraries in a site. We are going to create a List Content, its column & will add this content type […]

Create SharePoint list items in batch using CSOM

Here, we are going to perform the most useful operation which can be performed in SharePoint platform to make our commercial life easier. We will learn how to create and update list items in batch using CSOM. Using this we can update a huge number of list items in a list. Please follow the below steps to understand the code […]

Copying List, list fields and list Items using CSOM

In this SharePoint blog, we are going to program how we can clone/copy a list, list fields and list Items within a single site programmatically using .Net client object model (CSOM) in SharePoint Online. Before we start, we need to create a console application in Visual Studio. We must refer the piece of code & snapshot provided below for better […]