Create Blank Site Template

For one of my requirement, I was trying to create a Blank Site Collection on SharePoint 2013. To do so, I navigate to Central Administration -> Create Site Collections. But I could not see the template called a Blank Site Collection listed on the Create Site Collection Page. Then later identified that the Blank Site Collection template, by default will […]

Create Custom List View using JSCOM

This below-mentioned code block will create the custom list view in a specific list. You can also set your custom view fields while creating the list view. [code lang=”c”] var oContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var oWeb = oContext.get_web(); var oList = oWeb.get_lists().getByTitle(“MyList”); //Enter title of your list hostContext.load(oList); hostContext.executeQueryAsync(CreateListView(oContext, oList), function (sender, args) { //On Error console.log(args.get_message()); }); function CreateListView(oContext, oList) […]