How to extract modern page webparts using PnP Core

Get all Client Side Webparts from a SharePoint Modern page using PNP Core / How to extract modern page webparts using PnP Core In CMOS we can get the webparts from a page using ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.WebParts.LimitedWebPartManager’ object. We can get all webparts information by using ‘LimitedWebPartManager’ except for the modern/client site pages. We can get modern page webparts by using OfficeDevPnP.Core. […]

Retrieve Sharing Links Information For A SharePoint Item Using CSOM

There is no direct method present in item object to get /retrieve the sharing links information, we can get item sharing links information by using ‘ObjectSharingInformation’ class. We can get the ‘AnonymousEditLink’, ‘AnonymousViewLink’ and ‘SharedWithUsersCollection’ details using ‘ObjectSharingInformation’. In my below example I have mentioned all the steps how to retrieve all sharing links details and Shared User details for […]

Add and remove operation of Role Definition (Permission Level) in SharePoint site using PnP PowerShell.

In this blog, we will see how we can add a custom permission level in SharePoint site using PnP PowerShell. Also we will see how we can get a particular permission level and remove it from SharePoint site using PnP PowerShell. Add Custom Permission Level in SharePoint site: – The following command snippet will help you to create the¬†permission level […]

Create Classic TeamSite, Modern Team Site, Communication Sites And Retrieve All Site Collections From Tenant Using PnP PowerShell

In this blog, we are going to create classic TeamSite, modern team site and communication sites using PnP PowerShell. Also, we will see how to retrieve all site collections from the tenant and its subsites using PnP PowerShell. First, we need to connect to the Site. To perform connection add, First We Need to Connect to Site. To Perform Connection Add […]

Create A Microsoft Form In Office 365 Site

Microsoft Forms is nothing but a new O365 app. By using Microsoft Forms, we can create a survey, quiz, and pooling like work easily in O365. Using this we can get the responses of users, members for a different organization in a very simple and easy way. In office 365, we can create and Microsoft Forms and add required input […]