How to Create Metadata?

Many of us have been told that metadata is very essential and should be implemented in our SharePoint environment. Furthermore, we are also instructed how to import managed metadata into SharePoint.  You might think that it is that easy to covert nested folders in to metadata magically. However, there is sort of a challenge, which is “how to have the […]

No-Code Solutions to Enhance SharePoint Performance

Right out of the box, SharePoint offers a set of useful tools that can be used to smooth the progress of document sharing and to encourage data visualization. However, poor performance issue is one of the frustrating tribulations that all SharePoint administrators have to face every now and then, which turns the whole experience into a disaster. All you have […]

Secure Your Document Library with These Easy Methods!!

One of the major concerns of several organizations out there is the security and integrity of their documents and files that they have stored in SharePoint. There is no doubt that Microsoft has already considered that fact and has provided features for file encryption. But, errors are what make us what we are as human, so additional care is definitely […]