How to Manage Permissions in SharePoint Office 365

This guide will show you how to manage permissions for a Site, list and item within SharePoint office 365. Steps for Site Permissions: Open the SharePoint site. Click on Site Actions (gear icon) and then select Site Settings. Click on Site Permissions. 2. You must break permissions inheritance from the parent, select Stop Inheriting Permissions. Steps for List Permissions: Go to the […]

Creating List and Columns Using SharePoint Hosted Add-ins

Introduction : In this blog, I have described step by step how to create a list and column using SharePoint-self hosted Add-ins. To create the List and List Columns using SharePoint Hosted Apps, you have to follow the below steps. Step 1- Create a SharePoint Hosted App project.Step 2- Write HTML code under Default.aspx.Step 3- Add JavaScript code under App.js […]

Create Multilevel Subtasks In a Task List using CSOM

In this blog, we will see how to change the task list structure and make it into subtasks. Task list has a hidden field “ParentID” which is of lookup type. We need to set lookupValueCollection using the root task item’s ID value and assign its value to the “ParentID” field of the item that we are willing to add as […]

How to create modern site page using CSOM

Introduction:- In a SharePoint modern page, we can access various SharePoint sites easily within an organization. We can also find the news from the site, frequent site which is visited and other suggested news posts as well as the events. It provides a fast and easy way to develop a modern responsive page using modern webparts. For creating a modern […]