A Summary On SharePoint Look Book

Introduction A SharePoint Look Book is a pre-designed template available for our SharePoint sites. These are downloadable templates that are hosted by Microsoft. We can see different types of downloadable templates with different designs along with some short descriptions. We can select and download the templates which have appropriate look and feel depending upon our SharePoint Online/Office 365 site requirement. […]

Microsoft Announces the Azure Firewall Premium general availability

Azure Firewall Premium is a cloud-based, managed network security service that offers next generation firewall(NGFW) capabilities that protects Virtual Network resources of Azure. It offer key factors that are required for highly sensitive and regulated environments. With the new Azure Firewall Premium, the Key features in this release include: TLS Inspection: Azure Firewall Premium terminates outbound and east-west TLS connections. […]

How To Create Calculator Using Power Apps

In this blog, we will discuss how to build a simple calculator using power apps. Please follow the below steps, Step 1 Open Power Apps window. Step 2 Add the below controls. I have added to one label for displaying the header title, two textboxes for number input, four buttons for adding operators, and one label to show results. Change the […]