How To Fetch Items From SharePoint List To PowerApps Gallery, Calculat

Introduction In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how Sharepoint List Records are fetched to the PowerApps Gallery Control and, in the gallery we’ll be calculating some values as per the requirement, then those calculated values will be updated again to the List. STEP 1 – Creating a List List Name: Calculation ItemName: (Single Line Text) Quantity: (Number) UnitPrice:(Number) Total:(Number) Create the List […]

How To Send Email Using Power Apps

In this blog, we will discuss how to send an email on PowerApps. We will see how to send an Email in PowerApps on the submit button. Step 1 Create a Canvas App with any layout. Step 2 Rename the default screen name and add controls as shown in the image. Step 3 Create another success screen for showing confirmation of […]

How To Create Calculator Using Power Apps

In this blog, we will discuss how to build a simple calculator using power apps. Please follow the below steps, Step 1 Open Power Apps window. Step 2 Add the below controls. I have added to one label for displaying the header title, two textboxes for number input, four buttons for adding operators, and one label to show results. Change the […]

Tabbed Form in Power Apps

Introduction: In this project we have developed a power app that has tabbed form structure. Most commonly we have used simple lay out while configuring the form view. But in this app the form layout will display something different like customize tabbed form. Follow the following steps as mentioned below: At first create a SharePoint list as mentioned in the […]

What is PowerApps Collection and how to create a Collection in PowerApps?

In simple words, collection by mean is a group of items. PowerApps provides most useful feature i.e. PowerApps Collection. It is an array that is use to keep data in PowerApps memory.  Create a Collection in PowerApps Syntax – Collect (Collection Name, record(s)) Here Collect = this is the default function name provided by PowerApps to create the collection. Collection […]

Cascading Dropdowns using PowerApps

In this blog, we will see how to apply cascade dropdown to a list field using Power Apps. Step1.  We need to create two SharePoint generic lists named “Country” and “City”. The SharePoint generic list “Country” holds a column of type “single text line” showing country names and the SharePoint generic list “City” contains two columns. The first column name […]

Leave Approval App Using PowerApps And Microsoft Flow

In this blog, I will discuss how to create a leave request approval app using PowerApps and Flow in office365. I have created a generic/custom list in office365 named “Leave Request” which contains the columns mentioned below. Description Multiple lines of text Leave Type Choice Leave Status Single line of text Email Single line of text From these Email and […]