How To Send Email With Multiple Image Attachments

This blog helps you to upload, preview, and send bulk attachments of pictures to Office365 Outlook using the Email composition Screen Template. I’ve described the following steps to make it easy to understand and achieve.

Step 1

Create a blank Canvas App.

Step 2

Add a Screen (Email Composition Screen).

Step 3

Go to insert ->Media->Add Picture Control.

Step 4

Add a Button Rename it.

Step 5

Select Button and write the following function code on its On Select Property.

        Name: "Picture_" & Now() & ".png",
        ContentBytes: UploadImage.Image,
        '@odata.type': ""


This will create a collection and store data with Name as Picture and concatenate with current date and Time with .png extension.

Pic_9/1/2021 7:03 PM.png with picture preview.

Step 6

Add a vertical Gallery, on its Items Property, create a Collection as Pic (creates temporary data storage in Collection as Pic).

Step 7

Add a trash icon to Gallery write the following function on its On Select Property.

Remove (Pic, ThisItem)

Step 8

Select the send icon at the right top corner of the email composition screen.

Step 9

You can find the predefined function there which is responsible to send multiple image attachments to the Office365 outlook.

Step 10

Save & Publish the App

Step 11

Run the App click change picture control to import images from a specific directory of your PC & click Add Picture Button.

Step 12

It’ll save all the images to the Pic Collection and can be viewed on your Gallery Control.

Step 13

Fill up all the fields as appropriate,

To: Email Id

Subject: Multiple image Attachments

Message: Sending multiple image attachments to the mail inbox…

Step 14

Click the send icon of the email composition screen.

Step 15

Finally, you can check your Email.


In this blog, we are successfully done with uploading and sending bulk images from Power Apps Gallery Control to Office365 Outlook mail attachments.

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