Export Power BI report to file API: What’s New?

Export Power BI report to file API (preview) lets you to export Power BI reports to different file formats, e.g. PDF, PPTX (PowerPoint) and PNG, by using a REST call.

Since Microsoft has launched this highly required API, the company had to impose few limitations due to Premium/Embedded Gen1 capacity restrictions, and the introduction of Premium/Embedded Gen2 capacities, has enabled the company to being out the following modifications (for Premium/Embedded Gen2 capacities only):

  • The number of Power BI exports per hour will not be limited to 50 per hour per capacity, but only to 50 report pages per minute per capacity
  • There will be no maximum concurrent report pages limitation
  • An export API operation load will be evaluated as a slow-running/background operation as described in Premium Gen2 capacity load evaluation. The workload under which export API operations will appear is called ‘InteractiveReportExports’.

Power BI team is performing this update gradually so by the end of September 2021 it will include all Premium/Embedded Gen2 capacities.

Customers with Premium/Embedded Gen1 capacities will still be able to use this API in preview (without the modifications) at least until Premium/Embedded Gen2 capacities become GA (October 2021).

The company expect that this Export Power BI report to file API becomes GA by the end of November 2021.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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