Add, Remove and Get all webparts from modern site page using PnP PowerShell

In this blog, we are going to retrieve all webparts present in a modern site page. Also, we will see how to add different web parts and delete web part from modern site page using PnP PowerShell.

1. First We Need to Connect to Site. To Perform Connection Add

$siteURL = Read-Host "Provide site url" 
       Connect-PnPOnline -Url $siteURL 
             #Executing this line will ask for credentials. Provide use name and password to connect.
$page = Get-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "ModernWebPage.aspx"    #Get the page on which you are going to perform add and remove web parts.

2. Add different webparts.

  • To add a text editor web part
Add-PnPClientSideText -Page $page -Text "Welcomes To SharePoint"
  • To add a list view web part
Add-PnPClientSideWebPart -Page $page -DefaultWebPartType “List” -WebPartProperties @{selectedListId="609f95e4-7022-417d-a57f-693673f7eff9"} 

You can see two web parts added successfully in the modern site page.

3. Retrieve all web parts used in modern site pages.

$webParts = $page.Controls

    # if there are more than one webparts  
   foreach($webpart in $webparts){  
        Write-Host "WebPart Id " $webpart.InstanceId  
        Write-Host "Title " $webpart.Title    

4. Remove a webpart

   Remove-PnPClientSideComponent -Page $page -InstanceId 0c6a1475-c5e8-414e-9e6d-c90c3b5c01b7 

To remove web parts, we need to provide web part instance-id that we have already got in PowerShell window output while retrieving web parts. After executing the above command, it will open a dialog box to confirm web part delete. Click on yes to delete web part.

$siteURL = Read - Host "Please provide site url"  
try {  
    Connect - PnPOnline - Url $siteURL  
    $page = Get - PnPClientSidePage - Identity "ModernWebPage.aspx"  
    #Add webparts in modern page  
    Add - PnPClientSideText - Page $page - Text "Welcomes To SharePoint" - Section 2 - Column 1  
    Add - PnPClientSideWebPart - Page $page - DefaultWebPartType“ List” - Section 2 - Column 1 - WebPartProperties @ {  
        selectedListId = "609f95e4-7022-417d-a57f-693673f7eff9"  
    #Retrieve webparts from modern page  
    $webParts = $page.Controls  
    foreach($webpart in $webparts) {  
        Write - Host "WebPart Id "  
        Write - Host "Title "  
    #Remove webparts from modern page  
    Remove - PnPClientSideComponent - Page $page - InstanceId 0 c6a1475 - c5e8 - 414e-9 e6d - c90c3b5c01b7  
} catch {  
    Write - Host - ForegroundColor Red 'Error ', ':'  
    sleep 10  

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