Personal Time Off – A State Machine Workflow

Executive Summary

The client was using a SP 2013 designer workflow to manage their existing PTO system. Their existing Employee leave management system was not able to meet their business requirement. Softree Technology understood their business needs and after gathering all requirements Softree Technology proposed to develop the PTO workflow by using State Machine Workflow.

Why State Machine Workflow – Customer had the special requirements where in the Manager may ask the Requester to change his/her leave plans.

For, e.g let’s assume an employee has requested leave for “x” number days but Manager is not happy with these days so Manager wants the employee to change the leave plan or reduce the number of days applied for leave.

To achieve this business requirement, Sofree Consulting suggedted for State Machine workflow.

Business Requirements:
  • Employee initiated the workflow by filling out the Leave Application form.
    Once submitting the form will initiate the PTO workflow.
  • Manager is notified about the task of approving the PTO through email which is having the links to the respective tasks from Task list.
  • Manager has three options, 1. Approves 2. Reject 3. Change Plan
  • In case of “Change Plan”, Requester will again notified via email/tasks to change the leave plans.
  • Now Requester will change the plan detalils and will assign the task back to Manager for approval.
  • Now Manager will either Aprove or Reject it.
  • Once Approves, then the information and leave hours will be assigned to Finance team for approval.
  • Once Finance manager approves then Requester will get informed about the status.

Softree Technology achieved this goal by using the State Machine workflow. We have also provided multiple custom web parts for both Requester and Manager to get more details related to the leave request.

About the Client:
Client: Health Care
Location: Switzerland
Industry: IT
Technologies Used: SharePoint 2013, State Machine Workflow Foundation, VS 2015

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