SharePoint 2019: Added and Depreciated Features

The strikingly easy user interface and versatile capability of SharePoint make it the most widely adopted platform by many organizations. With previous SharePoint versions fluidly working in harmony with many other technologies and helping people in the organizations to accomplish the most challenging jobs with perfection, everyone is eying for impeccability of newer version- The SharePoint 2019. With the announcement of SharePoint 2019 early this year, Microsoft offered insights into the newest features it aimed to bring in the new version.  The introduction of the new preview version contained many of those features, as well as an assurance of more to come.

SharePoint2019 – What’s New?

Though the comprehensive list of the new additions and depreciation is not out yet, Microsoft has offered a glimpse of the new/depreciated features in SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview. Depreciated features will no longer be supported by Microsoft. However, in some cases, the removed features may still be there on the platform. The newly added features are what Microsoft has compiled as “modern experience,” which is easier to use, flexible and mobile compatible. They include:

  1. SharePoint Home Page

The new homepage feature brings an access point where users will be able to easily find the SharePoint sites within the organization. Suggested sites and news from the sites, which the users are following will be looped on the homepage. With administrator authorization, users can create sites from the homepage itself.

  1. Lists and Libraries

In the new preview, list and libraries have been revamped in team sites and will offer modern experience, bringing the same to the SharePoint Online. Users now will be able to copy and move files seamlessly using the command bar, pin documents, filter, and sort easily and add files as links and apply to format to columns. In short, the default lists and library experience is optimized to perform the commonest tasks with ease.

  1. New Team, Site Pages

Communication sites are where, one can share news, broadcast a message or display a story with other people. Hero web part, newly featured in SharePoint 2019 can display five items at once with text, images, and links to garner attention to the most important content.

  1. New Pages

Web parts are being used to build new pages that can be customized according to the requirements. Users can expeditiously add documents, images, embed videos, Yammer feeds and site activities. This new feature will also enable users to use PowerPoint, word, excel and video content.

  1. Modern Search Experience

An all-new search experience comes to SharePoint 2019. Much like a predictive phrase or typing experience in search engines, users see result update as they start typing, the result will change as they type further. Grouped by types, the result page shows an organized overview of search results.

  1. Lists

The lists support information fetching from other systems to SharePoint for business process up-keeping, and it provides the ability to teams and individual users to access, share and collaborate around organized data. Content creation, curating and data interaction, all have been simplified by SharePoint 2019.

6 Features that are depreciated

The key aspect of SharePoint verticals has always been collaboration, straight from its instigation to build intranets. Much to the conjecture, SharePoint 2019 brings this along; with interesting features to assist people to collaborate on the list, libraries as well as files, surely with intelligent intranets and mobile compatible platform. But, many features will be sunsetted, as said in the release notes:

  1. Aggregate Newsfeed

In SharePoint 2019, then prevailing news feed feature will read-only. From this version forward both the option to contrive newsfeed capability and tile in the app launcher will also be removed.

  1. Custom Help

The prevailing help engine will be removed in future from SharePoint. In 2019 edition, the legacy Microsoft on-premises SharePoint help engine that is being installed on-premises farm and is based on help collection will be updated and will synchronize data with Office 365.

  1. SharePoint Designer 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Designer (SPD), previously acknowledged as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is obsolete HTML editor freeware, which was used to create or revise web pages, workflows, and Microsoft SharePoint sites. SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview will now support SharePoint Designer 2013 for the remainder of the client support lifecycle (2026).

  1. Multi-Tenancy

As SharePoint online is being continuously pushed by Microsoft, SharePoint multi-tenancy capabilities is increasingly constructing dependencies on cloud technologies, which are not available in on-premises environments. It has become too expensive to provide an on-premises alternative, seeing the cost and complexities. Therefore, it will be moved from SharePoint 2019.

  1. Visio Services

Visio diagrams rendering is based on two options, PNG-based and Microsoft Silverlight-based. From Oct. 12, 2021, the Microsoft Silverlight will no longer be supported, leading to the deletion of Silverlight-based rendering from SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

  1. Code-based sandbox solutions

Sandbox solutions are used to bring customizations to SharePoint on the site collection level and basically known as customization packages. However, in SharePoint 2019, the support for SharePoint on the site collection level will be depreciated. Sandbox solutions have already been removed from SharePoint online and SharePoint 2013. SharePoint add-ins are the alternative that Microsoft suggests users look for.

With every preview, Microsoft brings remarkable features to SharePoint and undoubtedly removes functionalities that are bafflingly re-included under a different alias.  New SharePoint implementation can sometimes be disastrous if its functionalities are misunderstood or if not done by a professional. So, if any organization that is willing to bear the fruits of new SharePoint to must seek the help of SharePoint 2019 professionals.

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