How to attach correct w3wp worker process in visual studio

commands2Most of us generally attach all w3wp worker process while debugging the SharePoint 2013/2016 solutions in Visual Studio. The reason for this is simple as attach to process window does not show any information related to the application pool id.
If you want to triumph over this issue and want to find out the correct w3wp worker process that you want to attach to process then this article  concocted by our Offshore SharePoint Developers, will definitely help you out.
Go through the following steps to attach the correct w3wp worker process while debugging the SharePoint solutions.

  1. When you open Attach to process window, you can find multiple w3wp worker process presents in your window.

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2. Now, navigate to the path “C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv”.

3. Please verify that “appcmd.exe” presents under this “”C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv” path.

4. Now, run the command prompt as administrator or directly open it from “Run” by typing “cmd” and then set the path to “C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv”. Please refer the below mentioned screenshot.

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5. Now, type this command “appcmd.exe list wp” and press enter. Now you will find the details about the application pool id of respective worker process.

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6. Now, go to the “Attach to Process” window of Visual Studio and simply attach the correct w3wp.

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