How to Create and Delete Managed Metadata Terms in The Term Store


In this blog I will show you some of the options those are available in TermStore. For example, creating and deleting TermGroup and TermSets in the TermStore.

  1. How to go to the TermStore of your site:

• At first you should click the ribbon button in the left corner of the panel.
• After clicking the ribbon button select “Admin” as shown below.

  • After selecting “Admin” you should select “SharePoint” as shown below.
  • After that choose “Term Store” under “Content services” as shown below.

2. Create a “Term Group” in the Term Store:

  • After choosing Term Store, click on “Add Term Group” and name it as per your requirement and press enter as shown below.

3. Delete a “Term Group” from the Term Store:

  • To delete a Term Group from the Term Store, select the Term Group that you want to delete from the Term Store and then click on “Delete Term Group” in the right panel as shown below.

4. Create a “Term Set” in the “Term Group “:

  • To create a Term Set in a Term Group you should select a Term Group where you want to add the Term Set as shown below.

Then click on “Add Term Set” and give the name of the Term Set as shown below:

Provide a name to the Term Set and save it.

5. Delete a Term Set from a Term Group:

• To delete the Term Set from a Term Group select the Term Set that you want to delete.
• After selecting the Term Set click on “Delete Term Set” as shown below.

  • After it the term set will be deleted.

Hello to all dear readers, in this blog I have explained how to create and delete Term Group and Term Set in TermStore .Hope you will enjoy it.

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