Create power apps login screen using credentials from SharePoint list

In our blog, we will be going to retrieve user name and password from SharePoint lists and using that credential; we will login and navigate to the welcome screen.

Steps to Create Login Screen

Step 1: Create a custom list having fields with user name and user password as shown in

Below image.

Step 2: Login to the power app’s window through “” . Create new Canvas app from blank with any layout either Tablet or Phone layout.

Step 3: Add two screens. One for Login another for Welcome screens.

Step 4: Login Screen is used for submitting a user name and password from a SharePoint list.

Add three labels (to display window title, user name and password), two text inputs (to hold user name and password) and a button to login as showing in below image.

Step 5: On the Welcome screen, just add a label which will display a success message if user name and password is from SharePoint list.

Step 6: Add SharePoint list as SharePoint data source. Add it through a View tab -> Data sources -> Search SharePoint -> Add a new or existing connection -> select your specific SharePoint Site -> Choose the specific list (User Credentials) -> Click on Connect button…

Step 7: Now click on “Login” button. On it’s select button add the below code.

If (Count Rows (Filter (‘User Credentials’, and (txtUserName.Text = User_x0020_Name,

                txtUserPassword.Text = User_x0020_Password)))=1,Navigate(‘Welcome Screen’, None),Notify(“Invalid Login Details”, Error));Reset(txtUserName);Reset(txtUserPassword);

Step 8: Now save and test with pressing “F5”. Give user name and password from SharePoint list it will navigate to welcome screen.

If we add any other user name and password that is not present in the list it will notify error on log in screen.


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