Microsoft To Consolidate SharePoint and OneDrive Admin Portals

As per an announcement last week, Microsoft decides to substitute its OneDrive and SharePoint Admin Center management portals with a merged portal, which will be available with an February Update to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

There are plenty of management portals available from Microsoft, to such an extent that it has an MS Portals project in existence that is used to track projects, which is set up by Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Adam Fowler. For ease of accessibility and seamless admin experience across the Microsoft 365 admin suite, Microsoft is consolidating its’ OneDrive and SharePoint management portals, which is set to provide IT professionals  centralized and an increased control over content across the organization.

The new consolidated portal, not yet named, is set to offer controls over the following OneDrive characteristics:

  • Access controls for end users
  • Internal and external sharing by end users
  • Information retention policies
  • Sync controls
  • Default storage limits for end users

IT professionals will get access to SharePoint “cards” and OneDrive “cards,” that will avail app use and file activity statistical details, combined with end user content sharing. If required, it will be possible to block exact file types. From the portal, default storage limit for the end user can be set. Both for OneDrive as well as SharePoint, retention times on content can be set, which might be done after an employee leaves.

Based on network location or device, content upload can be barred as a security precaution.

Plus, the changes in portal will bring a feature of “Global Leader Role”, which allows a user to view but not alter the Microsoft 365 administrative settings.

Microsoft Lists Adoption Page

Microsoft, to facilitate user ease has created an all-inclusive landing page that contains best-practices advice, guides and outlines for end users of the Microsoft Lists list-creation service. Per an announcement, Microsoft’s Lists Adoption page has been launched last week.

Also last week, Microsoft published some instruction for customizing rules that get used in Microsoft Lists templates, find the announcement here.



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