Microsoft brings Power Fx: the low-code programming language for everyone!

The last 20 years has seen a massive leap of devices and technologies availability to companies across the globe. Consequently, IT pros are done managing tasks that are of similar nature, yet of complex environments. Plus, the environments have radically developed as well as the IT.

The rapidity of digital transformation has been further accelerated by the clouds, which raise demands of applications and services at a pace that cannot be met by the developers, as they have to code faster and more effectively, leaving lesser room for errors. Rather, these services should be secure and scalable, lessening dependency on the developers.

Therefore, in recent years, the Low Code standard is getting famous, to assemble applications and services faster.

What it does is, it helps rapidly construct new applications without writing, testing and exploring new scripts, thus helping and empowering IT. Not every IT expert has apposite knowledge of upcoming innovations and devices. However, with the right low code tool, any IT worker can devise cross-stage business processes that can ensure quick delivery of the application.

The Tech Giant, Microsoft, following the low-code platforms trend, has brought a programming language known as Power Fx, which is a low-code programming language across Power Platform applications and Microsoft clouds. Good news is, the program will be launched as open source on Github Platform. It is a low-code language that any developer can work on seamlessly. Said Charles Lamanna, corporate VP of the low-code application stage at Microsoft, in a Techcrunch interview.

 “Microsoft Power Fx is the same language that is running at the core of all Microsoft PowerApps and is driven by Microsoft Excel. The low code language is for communicating logic across the Microsoft Power Platform” Said Greg Lindhorst, a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

Furthermore, Gartner (a global research and advisory firm providing information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions.) accredited Microsoft as the industry leader in offering Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. Microsoft PowerApps is a glowing example, which enables developers to accomplish more with high profitability.

Microsoft is bringing its low code programming language, excel derivative and other ideas for the Power Platform, releasing it publicly and gathering a community around it and enabling the software vendors to embrace it for any platform they need to use a no-code/low-code interaction model, irrespective of whether it’s a formula bar, or code-behind or manipulating data.

The founding team’s original aspiration was to craft a language that achieved three things:


  1.   Already familiar to the many millions of Excel users
  2. Content-centric, not program-centric, generalizing not just numbers but all information with friendly naming conventions
  3. Instantly calculated, recompiling in real time as edits are made, just like a spreadsheet, instead of requiring multiple steps to compile and publish. Source_Microsoft

There is increasing demand at large organizations for low-code, high efficiency platforms like PowerApps to vastly improve internal application development. This demand will be ever increasing as there is an escalating requirement for consumer-grade mobile and web apps.


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